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Austin Green Build Green Ideas: Learn, Live, Green

From energy independent homes built with solar panels that actually sell electricity back to municipalities---to green build insulation products made from old blue jean material that provide High-R values for less than fiberglass products, the green building industry has seen rapid growth over the past 15 years, and it's not just residential buildings. Today, architects design skyscrapers that produce their own hot water from solar tubing and absorb more sunlight than they reflect through rooftop community gardens. Local governments increasingly employ ancient soil and water retention techniques such as 'swails' to prevent erosion and re-charge ground water supplies as they also see an increase in applications for green building rebates and incentives.

Beyond offering a full catalog of green build products, at Austin Green Build, we believe the more owners and builders know, the greater the opportunity they will have to the enjoy the full range of cost effective solutions and sustainable workflows. Below, find a collection of graphs, statistics and how-to's we have gathered from some of the leading figures in the sustainable building industry. To open the gallery click on the image below.

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Austin Green Build is proud to announce we will soon launch our Go Green Tool, an industry leading materials bid and estimate system customers can use to request materials and receive estimates for projects big and small.

Backed by 90 years of experience in the construction industry, home owners who want to go green will be able use the tool to enter general material descriptions for their projects and get knowledgeable feedback and insights. Contractors will save on administrative costs by entering CSI codes and project notes directly into their bid request saving paper and project time.

Launch the Go Green Build Tool

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